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Time to Come Home?

Time to Come Home?

In the not so distant past it was normal practice for Ireland’s youth to travel to the UK or America for University.  The lure of greater subject choice and a few years away from home proved too much for most eighteen-year olds. The resulting exodus became known as “The Brain Drain.”    Ireland’s top talent lost for many years to British and American enterprise.  

Now however, an unexpected impact of BREXIT is the return to Ireland of many of it’s citizens who have spent decades living and working abroad.Many large and prosperous companies operating in Ireland have launched programs to tempt Irish born professionals to come home for good.Recruitment firms are also offering support and guidance for Irish nationals returning home to take up opportunities in Ireland.
BREXIT has caused a reversal in the balance of job opportunities between the UK and Ireland.For the first time in memory I think it’s fair to say there are now more opportunities in Dublin than London for man…