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New Zealand to Ireland: Making the Move. By Julia Mahony

New Zealand to Ireland: Making the Move
By Julia Mahony

The day we decided to move to Ireland, my mind shot to the practicalities of shifting a young family overseas.
With our eldest daughter about to start secondary school, my husband had been offered a secondment to a government job in Dublin. It seemed like the ideal time, as our two girls would be old enough to remember the experience but young enough to willingly leave their friends and travel with us. However, their education was our foremost priority.
I’m a diligent researcher but we had just four days between landing in Dublin and the first day of the Irish school term. There would be no time to visit and choose schools myself. Searches online found `Relocation Services’ - people on the ground in Dublin with local knowledge, who assist people to set up a new life.
Lesley Light, of Local Line, answered my enquiries quickly and with a personal touch. I needed someone who listened carefully to my requirements - and my concerns. Coming…