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A Tour of the Quays.......

Dublin, October 2018, - A tour of the Quays…….

I recently had the pleasure of being appointed to find a city bolt hole for a professional commuting weekly from London to work in Dublin. The brief was to find an apartment within a short walk of the red Luas line.  With this in mind, I embarked on a tour of Dublin’s Quays.
The Quays are a far cry from their original purpose and have mostly been converted to high spec, gated apartments for the steady stream of professionals that are moving to Dublin to work in the booming financial service, tech and pharmaceutical industries.
Security has been given high priority, even the most nervous resident would feel safe once inside the cocoon of high walls, electronic gates and shinny steel locks.However, I had a definite feeling of unease as I parked my car in a side road next to one of these highly secure buildings.Many of the surrounding areas to these high spec luxury apartments still have a long way to go to catch up with their swanky new neighb…